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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park Tour

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Yellowstone National Park is world famous, and Grand Teton is not far behind for good reason. With the world’s largest expanse of geothermal features Yellowstone is a stand out, but it has a significant range of other attractions including very accessible wildlife, dramatic rivers and waterfalls and a northern climate with trees and other landscapes that are seldom found in a relatively small region. Grand Teton Park with its spectacular mountains, reflective lakes and select wildlife is a fitting companion for this area of northwestern Wyoming and the fringes of Montana and Idaho. Travel with us to see its grandeur and many of its secret places too!

Highlights: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, Old Faithful, Mt. Moran, Snake River, Mormon Row, historic barns, buffalo, elk, bear, geothermal features, Yellowstone River, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, pronghorn antelope, moose, wildflowers, Jackson WY, Gardiner MT, Norris Geyser Basin, Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake, the Oxbow, Paint Pots, Firehole River, Cascade Canyon, geysers

The High Lonesome Yellowstone and the Tetons by Greg SmithWe start and finish in the lively town of Jackson, Wyoming with its lodging, dining and entertainment, and then fan out north to take in the sites of the Tetons and the lakes district. The stark beauty of the mountains can be seen from many different places throughout the park, but there are several that are key to a great photographic experience, and we will take you there and assist you in capturing this park at its very best. The time of day can also be crucial to photographing the landscape at its best and we will coordinate your visit to make certain you are in the right place at the best time for exceptional results. There are many short walks that can be included in the tour, as well as longer hikes if you are part of a private tour, and we will escort you throughout your travels with us. The Tetons are not to be missed!

After spending a few days in the Tetons, we make our way north into Yellowstone and the more subtle beauty of the great caldera. There are waterfalls and lakes to be photographed as we go north, and we will take you to the best of these as we travel through the forests of the southern flanks of the ancient volcano. We will make our base camp near the park to maximize our access to the wildlife, especially the herds of buffalo and deer and elk, and then make our way in and outYellowstone Grand Teton Tour Photos of the park to maximize our time and proximity to the best of the Yellowstone frontier. Over the next several days we will be up at dawn and back at sunset to observe the landscapes at their best for lighting and even animal activity. Yellowstone has an incredible array of subjects to photograph but the when and how are often missing from standard self guided tours. We have been visiting, camping and hiking for over thirty years in Yellowstone and the Tetons and this extensive experience has helped us identify where and when to go in the parks from the perspective of a photographer to get the best images possible.

On our tour, with our visits to the geothermal areas, the river sites and waterfalls captured in digital and film formats, we are ready to return south to Jackson. The wildlife in this park is also the most accessible and abundant of any park in the American system, and we have never missed seeing buffalo and elk on any trip we have ever made there, though deer and even bears are more common than one might expect. Come with us and let us show you the magnificence of the Tetons and Yellowstone and share our experience capturing these landmarks and wildlife for the best possible return on your visit. We will provide you with a detailed itinerary with your paid reservation, and welcome your questions and preferences about a tour at any time. Call us or send us an email and we will be delighted to explore this exciting adventure!

Tour Information:
7 days/6 nights
Group Size 1 to 4
Arrive/Depart: Jackson, WY
Trip Includes:
Transportation - entire tour itinerary will be provided by American Photo Tours.
Lodging - all motel/hotel accomodations, single or double occupancy for entire tour are included.
Meals - breakfast and lunch for entire tour are included.
Professional Guide Service - Greg Smith will be your professional guide and photographic consultant for the entire tour.
Fees and Admissions - all fees and admissions will be paid by American Photo Tours as part of the tour.
Tour Departure Dates:

June 5-11
June 21-27
September 11-17

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Tour Costs:

Double Occupancy - $4,995
Single Occupancy Supplement - $1,295
We offer 20% discounts for all travelers in groups of 2-6!


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